Subject: Re: PR 6502
To: None <>
From: Andreas Gustafsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/16/1999 13:31:46
Bill Studenmund <> said:
> I think both sides are correct - the tty layer MUST ignore input iff
> !ISSET(tp->t_state, TS_ISOPEN), but I also think it's an acceptable
> optimization for the driver to drop characters in this case.

Checking for !ISSET(tp->t_state, TS_ISOPEN) in both places is fine with me.

> I think the PR's title is a bit off. Rather than echoing characters when
> CD is not asserted (which is perfectly valid if we have clocal set), the
> problem is that the system's echoing characters when TS_ISOPEN is not set.

Agreed, the PR title reflects the !clocal case and is not really
appropriate for the case where clocal is set.  The patched com.c
will do the right thing in both cases, though.
Andreas Gustafsson,