Subject: Interesting VFS bug?
To: None <>
From: Neil A. Carson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/15/1999 16:04:27
Brian Chevrier wrote:

_Debugger(f7fe2408, 0, f80b2de4, f0168557, f01681e8) at _Debugger + 0x4
_panic(f01681e8, 20002, f7fe557c, 30002, 2de6) at _panic + 0x55
_lockmgr(f7fe2408, 30002, f7fe5608, f80b2e1c, f0190a13) at _lockmgr +
_ufs_lock(f80b2e10) at _ufs_lock + 0x22
_vn_lock(f7fe557c, 20002, f7fe557c, f80b2f1c, f80b2ef8) at _vn_lock
+ 0x3f
_lookup(f80b2ef8, f80b2f88, f80ac3f0, f80b2f80, f067ac00) at _lookup +
_namei(f80b2ef8, f80b2f88, f80ac3f0, f80b2f80, ffffffff) at _namei +
_sys_rmdir(f80ac3f0, f80b2f88, f80b2f80, 0, efbfdcf4) at _sys_rmdir
+ 0x35
_syscall() at _syscall + 0x1c2
--- syscall (number 137) ---

I was running a program that I'm working on.  My program did a rmdir on
a symbolic link and crashed the kernal with the above stack. I need to
fix my program so it doesn't try and do that, but I don't the kernal
should crash. If I try this from the shell it gives an error but doesn't
crash. I also noticed that it only happens when I end the name with a
slash. For example, /home/bchevrie/junk/ where junk is the symbolic
link. I hope this is useful, give me a call if you have any questions.