Subject: Re: vnd and msdosfs.
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/31/1999 21:41:48
>Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has encountered this, or if it
>has been fixed, or anything else that might be helpful.  (Or even
>if someone more familiar with the code path might be able to
>determine which one char typo caused it, if it is that simple.)
> == Roland
> ==

A while back (shortly after the 1.3 release) I was entirely unsuccessful
attempting to configure a vnd on a file on a msdosfs.  If I remember
correctly, attempting to run disklabel on the vnconfig'ed device failed.
By creating the file on a ffs partition, vnconfiging it, labeling it,
unvnconfiging it, and then copying the resulting file to the msdosfs, I
was able to mount one of the partitions I had created within the vnd.
However, attempting to list the contents of the directory, or trying
to write something in it, resulted in anything from an 'invisible entry'
problem (the mounted directory, including the mount point, simply
disappeared) to a panic to a complete lockup (unable to even enter DDB).

I haven't tried experimenting with this recently, as I simply
repartitioned most of the space to NetBSD.  (PowerQuest's Partition Magic
is a _wonderful_ program... now we've just got to teach it to understand
ffs partitions and bsd disklabels :)


John Darrow
Computing Services, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL