Subject: Re: port-arm32/7122: Breakpoints lost under heavy swapping
To: None <>
From: Ian Dall <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/11/1999 10:27:49
Richard Earnshaw <> writes:

  >> Hmm.  Thinking about problems with anon pages on arm..
  >> I have a Shark with local swap disk and with /tmp in an MFS, and I
  >> found that "make build" was rather flaky, blowing up maybe every 10
  >> minutes or so with spurious syntax errors, until I switched to using
  >> cc -pipe for everything.  I assume that the contents of the
  >> intermediate preprocessor output files in /tmp were getting corrupted.
  > Hmmm...  A while back I also tried an MFS /tmp, but found it unreliable in 
  > a different manner.  Basically, after a few hours some temporary files 
  > whould appear not to have been deleted (though I think they were zero 
  > size).  Attempting to rm the files was a sure-fire way of making the 
  > machine panic.  It got so bad that I just disabled the MFS: I've been 
  > intending to give it another go to see if it was fixed...

  >> I should have reported this a while back. 

  > Ditto.

Hmm. I have been using an MFS /tmp for a long time now and have never
seen any problem. At one point at least, gcc was configured to use /usr/tmp
rather than /tmp so are you sure you are actually using your MFS anyway?
(I have TMPDIR set to /tmp).