Subject: Re: NetBSD Copyright (Was: Re: Last chance: Copyrights is OK ?)
To: Eric Delcamp <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/08/1999 20:23:32
"Eric Delcamp" <> writes:
> But the question is still here. We should find a solution to not exclude
> Greg code, past present and future (I say Greg, but maybe someone else have
> the same reticence). Maybe a modification of the standard NetBSD copyright
> notice will be acceptable by both side ? I'm not a jurist, and copyrights
> are differents on this side of the sea.

The copyright morass is pretty bad. Frankly, I prefer it if people
just stick to using the standard BSD copyright, possibly without the
advertising clause. It is far simpler. If people want to write longer
and bigger copyrights, it makes life harder for everyone. I'd prefer
it if Greg or whomever just stuck to that license.

We do accept other licenses, but usually only when a piece of software
is very important and otherwise hard to get. More licenses means more
complexity for users and maintainers. Its a big pain.