Subject: Re: Last chance: Copyrights is OK ?
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/08/1999 14:39:45
I don't think the driver should be used while it has that license. #2 and
#4 represent compromises we try to avoid, and since this driver is completely

We have apparently considered requiring a NetBSD Foundation copyright
assignment for new work not imported from other projects.  Using a plain
Berkeley license is a step down from the ideal.  Using a modified, problematic
Berkeley license is two steps down.

Although it could be even worse (it could have an ad clause), I don't think
this kind of compromise is a good one.

The LM78 is a simple chip with the usual excellent NSC documentation,
downloadable(*) in pdf form by anyone.  Rather than accept a problematic
license, what we need is to find any random kernel weenie with one of these
devices, and get you a new driver without copyright problems.  Any kernel
hacker can write this driver for you, it requires no particular expertise
other than general driver capability.

I have to wonder, though, is this a tech-kern issue? Isn't something like
this a issue?