Subject: Re: inter lkm symbol resolution
To: Julian Assange <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/05/1999 11:36:56 said:
> Can we not adopt this simple pr for 1.4? lack of inter-lkm symbol
> resolution leaves our lkm system in the dark ages. 

What PR number?

Just to note that if you really need LKM stacking you can have it
even with the current framework:
"modload" allows to specify the file to link against (-A) and
an "output file" which contains the symbols of the loaded
module (-o). So you can stack them if you link the upper module
against the "output file" of the lower one, and you can
wrap this into some scripts and/or Makefile targets which keep track
of the currently valid symbol table.

I'm doing so for years. (Not that I want to defend the LKM framework
too much, but there are problems which can not be dealt with that

best regards