Subject: Re: options "BLINK" in config file for kernel?
To: Open Carefully -- Contents Under Pressure <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/19/1999 11:10:43
On Mon, Jan 18, 1999 at 04:55:40PM -0800, Open Carefully -- Contents Under Pressure wrote:
> Greg A. Woods sez:
> /*
>  * Most older suns already have a bank of LEDs, but yes a generic "hardware
>  * status monitor driver" that could drive these or a parallel port either
>  * from other driver hooks or user-land would be really cool.  Modern
>  * computers don't have near enough blink'n lights!
> Well agreed.  I had a design for an IPX-sized cube with LOTS of
> blinkenlights on the front of the box.

Well, the case old DraCo's were sold in has lots of blinkenlights... and now
that I have an AriadneII, I've connected: 

"Turbo LED"	-	ARCnet activity
"Tape LED"	-	Ethernet link status
"COM1"		-	Ethernet receive activity
"COM2"		-	Ethernet transmit activity
"DISK1"		-	SCSI bus active

What I really would want, is to connect DISK2,DISK3,DISK4 to interupt levels
2,3,6, so that I could diagnose hanging interupts (those are level interupts)
without having to read hardware reference manuals and poke with voltage meters
at Zorro bus pins. But thats a hardware issue... I'd need a some 74fsomething

Of course, there's a software solution, which only slows down each interupt
handled by 2 or 3 microseconds on fast Amigoid machines. (If same IPL as
before and microtime() difference below some value and
(++counter > someothervalue) printf("interpupt %d hangs\n", ipl)