Subject: new "top" almost ready to be released - netbsd problems.
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/15/1999 10:36:39

There's a new version of "top" about to go out of beta.  The current
beta (top-3.5beta9) has a new module called "netbsd132" which seems to
be seriously broken.  I also suspect that the module should be called
"netbsd13" as well.  It also doesn't seem to be -current compatible but
given that things may change before a 1.4, this doesn't seem as much as
a problem.

The beta is available from:        /pub/top      /packages/top      /pub/packages/top          /pub/unix/top

The files are:  top-3.5beta9.tar.Z, top-3.5beta9.tar.gz

Is there anyone who can look at this _real soon_?  I started looking
but someone who's more familar with the NetBSD module (Christos' name
is all over the headers, but I wouldn't want to dob anyone in :-) may
be able to get this done faster/quicker/easier.  The current plans are
for the release version to go out on January 25.  Please send changes to or direct to the author at
(or here and I can redirect them).