Subject: Re: wscons question
To: None <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/05/1999 15:16:05
> At first, a way has to be found to find out that there
> is an USB keyboard present in early system startup, and to
> get the physical attachment parameters (eg PCI device number
> of the USB interface). Is the BIOS of any use for this?
> If the console uses an USB keyboard, pckbc_cnattach() should
> probably not be called at all; there should be an
> uhci/ohci_kbdattach() which can be called from machdep
> consinit().
I think that getting the USB keyboard driver functional very early
in the startup process is going to be hard.  It's rather complicated
to get USB running, you need PCI attachment, memory allocation,
bus space allocation, etc.

What I had in mind was a different solution.  In machines that have a 
USB aware BIOS there will be some kind of legacy emulation, or at
least a call to get keyboard input.  So early in the boot process
we attach a console driver that uses the BIOS code to access the keyboard.
When the kernel USB driver starts it will take over the console.

Taking over the console "on-the-fly" will require some minor changes
to the wskbd driver, but I think I have those pretty much figured
Getting access to the USB keyboard will be more problematic and rather machine

I'd like to make the changes to wskbd pretty soon, both so that I can
use my USB keyboard without a local patch, and so that the iMac port
can work with out local patches.

    -- Lennart