Subject: Re: Detailed info on Fail-safe cluster for Freebsd/unixes
To: Artur Grabowski <>
From: Chuck Robey <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/12/1998 21:41:36
On 13 Nov 1998, Artur Grabowski wrote:

> "Tech1" <> writes:
> > The cost of this software is $350 but open for bargin. For more than 10M $
> > company it's another price. If anyone working as consultant for companies.
> > You may resell this software to them.
> Or you can get almost the same thing for free from
> With source code. (Yes, I know it still doesn't run on *BSD, but that's a
> matter of weeks until that code is released).

The guy's trying to make a living, and you're not.  You don't know the
quality of either piece of software yet, but attitudes like that are a
big reason that free software isn't more highly catered to by commercial

If you want native versions of things like WordPerfect, then reconsider
making posts like this.

> //art
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