Subject: et6000 specs anyone?
To: None <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/30/1998 21:40:00
I am trying to get an et6000 working as a console on the atari Hades. There
are still some problems left but the biggest problem seems to be the lack
of et6000 documentation. Over the last 2 or three weeks I tried to obtain
an et6000 technical reference, but it seems like I'm pulling the wrong
strings :-( Does anybody on this list know how I can obtain them?

While I'm writing to this list, I might as well describe the problems left,
maybe they sound familiar to anyone. Oh, keep in mind that because the
atari is an m68k platform, the bios on the card never gets run!

 - In the Xserver, I have to modify the pll divisors to get a picture. I
   have to calculate divisors for twice the frequency. This indicates that
   (one of the) cards clocks runs at half the speed...
 - In text mode (== console) I get a stable picture without tweaking clocks.
   The bummer is that only the left half of the screen is used for
   outputting the text and only the left half of the font is shown... If
   you know what you're doing, you can log into the system, but it's hardly