Subject: Re: kernel limits (??)
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Chuck Cranor <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/14/1998 21:16:11
>But for 1.3.x and/or the Mach-derived VM, surely the Right Thing to do
>here is to compute the default MAX_KMAPENT as, say,

>>	#ifndef MAX_KMAPENT
>>	#define MAX_KMAPENT (50 + 2 * MAXPROC)
>>	#endif

>Oops, should be NPROC, not MAXPROC.  Plus we'd need to move the
>default definition of NPROC in param.c as

hi jonathan--

   i didn't think of that, but it seems like a reasonable idea to
me.   it might be safer for a 1.3.x release to put a lower bound
on it so that it isn't any smaller than some value (e.g. the old 
500 value).   [there are other things that use up kernel map entries 
besides processes and i haven't analized exactly where all the 
kmapent demands come from...]