Subject: Re: delay before cpu_reset()
To: David Holland <>
From: Stefan Grefen <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/10/1998 00:49:06
In message <>  David Holland wrote:
>  > > [delay during panic]
>  > > Hi,
>  > > does some object to this change ?
>  > 
>  > Yes, (re)booting on a x86 is slow enough we don't have to make it worse.
>  > For a server you want it to come up as fast as possible ..
> Maybe make it half a second instead of two seconds? That's enough to
> see what happened but not enough to be annoying.
> One of my old crash machines used to wait about a second in the bios
> somewhere even on a hard reset. This was really nice, believe me.

It is nice and I've added crude etnernal loops for debuggint purposes.
On the other hand I ran several machines as servers that don't have
a monitor attached (some have a serial console). Believe I don't care 
if I see anything after a panic, I just want that machine up again
as fast as possible, and have a look at the crashdump.

It's a nice feature, but I want to be able to turn it off, without
adding a kernel-hack (aka #if 0 ...) build a kernel for the server

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