Subject: Re: NetBSD and JAZ drives
To: None <>
From: Georges Heinesch <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/05/1998 09:33:00
Quoting Georges Heinesch (24-Sep-98 13:00:24):

> I have NetBSD 1.3/amiga installed on a JAZ drive. However I realized
> that, if the 'verify after write' JAZ feature is enabled, the JAZ
> produces corrupt filesystems. This occurs immediately after the
> first write access to the JAZ disk is done. This results in a
> corrupt root partition within seconds!

> I posted this already 4 month ago to the and
> got virtually no response. Due to this NetBSD behaviour, I had this
> feature disabled until now, but I would like to use it again since
> it is an additional safety feature of the JAZ.

> What it does, is actually very simple. It verifies the data written
> to the disk. I have no idea why NetBSD interferes with this feature?

> Why is this?

> Is there anybody using NetBSD on a JAZ disk with this 'verify after
> write' enabled?

I got basically 2 responses from non-amiga people (via e-mail).

1. The first one says, that on his system (i386), it's actually the
   other way around, which means that he gets problems when the
   'verify after write' feature is disabled.

2. The second one says that he's using this feature on a JAZ without
   the slightest problems.

Hence, the problem seems to be with the Amiga. Either it's the kernel
which slightly deviates in some respect, or it's the host itself
(WD-08) which is behaving differently as expected by the kernel.

Is this now a kernel problem or not and where should I report it?

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