Subject: Re: NetBSD and JAZ drives
To: Georges Heinesch" , "port-amiga <>
From: Michael VanLoon <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/26/1998 22:47:40
Actually, I've had just the opposite experience.  But I don't use the
jaz very often for NetBSD (only for testing or emergency recovery

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From: Georges Heinesch <>
To: port-amiga <>
Date: Thursday, September 24, 1998 3:52 PM
Subject: NetBSD and JAZ drives

>I have NetBSD 1.3/amiga installed on a JAZ drive. However I realized
>that, if the 'verify after write' JAZ feature is enabled, the JAZ
>produces corrupt filesystems. This occurs immediately after the first
>write access to the JAZ disk is done. This results in a corrupt root
>partition within seconds!
>I posted this already 4 month ago to the and got
>virtually no response. Due to this NetBSD behaviour, I had this
>feature disabled until now, but I would like to use it again since it
>is an additional safety feature of the JAZ.
>What it does, is actually very simple. It verifies the data written to
>the disk. I have no idea why NetBSD interferes with this feature?
>Why is this?
>Is there anybody using NetBSD on a JAZ disk with this 'verify after
>write' enabled?
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