Subject: Re: PCI vendor ID bug ?
To: Todd Whitesel <>
From: Castor Fu <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/22/1998 22:07:09
> >  > According to the PCI Special Interest Group,
> >  > 0x1080 is allocated to Cypress Semiconductor.  Contaq might have been
> >  > using it unofficially, or they may have been bought by Cypress.
> Just had a truly evil idea; might there be some way to automatically generate
> the pcidevs listing from the official PCISIG website every now and then?
> It must be feasible, but is it advisable?

I suspect that the official website's list is hand-generated.  The data
is not self-consistent.  There are entries which are missing either the
hex or decimal equivalent, entries which appear to be hex in the decimal
column, and at least one entry where the hex and decimal values differ.
There are entries which map multiple names of companies to the
same ID.  Most of these make sense, but in some cases, (e.g. ATT & NCR)
it's not clear what finally happened.

Thus I don't think it would be a good idea to do it automagically.

However, I have cleaned up the list into a self-consistent state
which is easily parsed.  Any takers?