Subject: Re: quickest way to learn about device drivers?
To: None <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/17/1998 16:55:33 wrote:
> Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best place to quickly learn about
> how NetBSD device drivers work and how to begin adding a new driver?  I'm
> comfortable with C as far as writing smallish userland type programs, but
> know absolutely nothing about kernel programming.  I flipped through a few
> books (in particular the design of 4.4 BSD book), but nothing jumped out
> at me as the place to start. 

As far as published docs go, that's probably the best there is.

> My interest is so I can start work on
> porting over a preliminary FreeBSD driver for a isa card I have.  I've
> heard talk of "bus_space"?  Any pointers to the correct part of some
> manual for info on that?  

bus_space(9), i think?

what little i know about how they (netbsd device drivers) work comes from
UTSL'ing, tho.  some drivers are commented well enough to help you figure
out what's going on :-)

if you have any questions about autoconfiguration that a beginner can
answer, let me know.  in depth isa stuff is well beyond me, tho.


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