Subject: RE: NCR 5380 driver questions
To: None <>
From: Ruschmeyer, John <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/17/1998 11:34:38
This is starting to sound like a *much* bigger problem than I originally
figured on, particularly since it seems that the majority of ISA 5380-based
adapters seem to be port-mapped rather than memory mapped.

>From the looks of it, the big issue is bus_space()ifying the MI driver.
This, of course, affects both the Sun3 and Mac68k ports. (It looks as though
the Atari and Amiga both use private drivers.)

This leaves the alternatives of using a "private" bus_space()ified version
of the MI driver (which I'm concerned may be beyond my current reach) or of
ignoring the whole MI issue (which seems like a "bad thing") and trying to
direct port the FreeBSD 2.2-STABLE driver.

On an ironic note, the same time I read your letter, a friend forwarded me
some notes about the lack of a 5380 driver in the FreeBSD CAM SCSI layer.


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> From: 	Stefan Grefen[]
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> To: 	Ruschmeyer, John
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> Subject: 	Re: NCR 5380 driver questions 
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> > Hi!
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> > 1) Has this already been done in -CURRENT? (I'm still running 1.3.2 and
> that
> > was going to be my baseline.)
> There was a driver for a pcmcia-card with a 53C400. (back at 1.1 or so)
> in the patchkit for pcmcia.
> > 
> > 2) As I understand the MI 5380 driver, I need an MD-specific memory area
> > which maps to the NCR registers. Given the recent discussion in
> tech-kern
> > from the person porting the 'bt' driver, I was wondering what sort of
> > storage declaration I should use for this area. What does bus_space give
> me
> > which corresponds to 16 PC ports?
> This driver is not bus_space'ified. You have get rid of the memory mapped
> registers and replace them with bus_space_{read/write}. This should be
> done in the MI code as it works after that on all busses ...
> You can't memory map HW-register with bus_space (you can on some busses, 
> but it defeats the purpose) .
> > 
> > 3) My primary experience has been with some really dumb 5380-based
> adapters.
> > Does anyone know of some gotchas I should be aware of with regard to
> > variants such as the 53C400 and the PAS-16?
> The 53C400 has some  more register, I can try to find my hacked driver for
> the pcmcia-card (which didn't work to well).
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