Subject: Re: NCR 5380 driver questions
To: Ruschmeyer, John <>
From: Stefan Grefen <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/17/1998 12:35:28
In message <>  "Ruschmeyer, John" wrote:
> Hi!


> 1) Has this already been done in -CURRENT? (I'm still running 1.3.2 and that
> was going to be my baseline.)

There was a driver for a pcmcia-card with a 53C400. (back at 1.1 or so)
in the patchkit for pcmcia.

> 2) As I understand the MI 5380 driver, I need an MD-specific memory area
> which maps to the NCR registers. Given the recent discussion in tech-kern
> from the person porting the 'bt' driver, I was wondering what sort of
> storage declaration I should use for this area. What does bus_space give me
> which corresponds to 16 PC ports?

This driver is not bus_space'ified. You have get rid of the memory mapped
registers and replace them with bus_space_{read/write}. This should be
done in the MI code as it works after that on all busses ...
You can't memory map HW-register with bus_space (you can on some busses, 
but it defeats the purpose) .

> 3) My primary experience has been with some really dumb 5380-based adapters.
> Does anyone know of some gotchas I should be aware of with regard to
> variants such as the 53C400 and the PAS-16?

The 53C400 has some  more register, I can try to find my hacked driver for
the pcmcia-card (which didn't work to well).


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