Subject: NCR 5380 driver questions
To: None <,>
From: Ruschmeyer, John <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/15/1998 11:36:07

I'm giving some consideration to writing an NCR 5380 SCSI driver for the
i386. My approach being to write an MD interface (probe and attach code) to
the MI 5380 driver. I *think* I understand the basics of what I need to do
from looking at the Sun3 'si' driver and a a couple of the ISA drivers, but
I still have a couple of questions:

1) Has this already been done in -CURRENT? (I'm still running 1.3.2 and that
was going to be my baseline.)

2) As I understand the MI 5380 driver, I need an MD-specific memory area
which maps to the NCR registers. Given the recent discussion in tech-kern
from the person porting the 'bt' driver, I was wondering what sort of
storage declaration I should use for this area. What does bus_space give me
which corresponds to 16 PC ports?

3) My primary experience has been with some really dumb 5380-based adapters.
Does anyone know of some gotchas I should be aware of with regard to
variants such as the 53C400 and the PAS-16?

Please excuse me if my questions seem a bit naive. This is, admittedly, my
first attempt at writing a driver, so I'm learning as I go. I do welcome any

Thanks in advance...


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