Subject: Re: PCMCIA madness
To: Lennart Augustsson <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/08/1998 11:18:11
>I was reading the pcmcia driver source to try and figure out how
>I could make my CompactFlash cards work.  I then made an appauling
>discovery: when I plug in a PCMCIA card and the controller interrupt
>occurs it will try and enable the card by calling pcic_chip_socket_enable().
>This function calls delay() with a total time of OVER 0.5 SECONDS!
>FROM AN INTERRUPT CONTEXT!!  Sorry about shouting, but I thought NetBSD
>was supposed to be the system where we did things right.  Calling
>delay() for 0.5 seconds from the interrupt routine surely isn't The Right Way.

I am definately interested in fixing this ... it's much worse than
that, because I was playing around with with WDC driver for the Sony
CD-ROM, and _that_ probe takes forever (maybe it just seems like
forever with the interrupts off :-) ).  I'm trying to make the PCMCIA
stuff actually behave reasonably with respect to hot-swapping ... I
think I have most of the pieces together, but gluing it all together is
going to be tricky.