Subject: Re: root file system type: ffs
To: Chuck Cranor <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/01/1998 16:51:27
Subject: Re: root file system type: ffs 
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On Mon, 31 Aug 98 21:08:49 CDT 
 Chuck Cranor <> wrote:

 > i believe the pool allocator has uncovered a design problem in the
 > process exit code path.

I believe I have fixed the problem.  I have tested it on Alpha and x86,
but not the other platforms yet.  Charles Hannum suggested the reaper

Basically this does the following:

	- Creates a new kernel thread, the "reaper".  Reaper sleeps on
	  the (new) deadproc list.

	- In exit1(), processes are not put on zombproc.  They are only
	  removed from allproc.

	- cpu_exit() no longer frees the vmspace and stack of the dead
	  process.  Instead, once it is safe to do so (i.e. we're no
	  longer running on the dead process's stack, etc.), cpu_exit()
	  calls exit2() to schedule the freeing of the vmspace and stack.

	- exit2() places the proc on the deadproc list, and wakes up the

	- Reaper runs, freeing the vmspace and stack of all processes
	  on the deadproc list.  Once the vmspace and stack are freed,
	  the process is put on the zombproc list, and the parent
	  notified that the dead process has exited.

Eventually, we can have a reaper thread bound to each CPU in the system.
Something like this really is going to be necessary in the multiprocessor
environment, because e.g. someone else might be holding the lock on the
vm_map, requiring a sleep, etc.

The diffs can be found at:

If I hear no objections, I'll commit them tomorrow afternoon/evening.

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