Subject: Re: multiple NFS ports
To: Matthias Drochner <>
From: Benjamin Lorenz <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/28/1998 00:57:46
> > NetBSD doesn't seem to support multiple NFS ports. I mean
> > something like 'mount -o port=4711 ...', which is implemented in  
> > SunOS or Linux for instance. This prevents me from using my NetBSD
> > machine both as NFS server (using nfsd) and crypt fs server (cfsd). 
> It's not obvious for me what you are trying here
> [...]
> Perhaps you can explain more...


cfs works as kind of an alternate nfs server which can be used to "mirror"
a directory (with crypted files in it) under /crypt/something. There, you
can work with it as if it was the original dir -- encryption and decryption
are handled "on the fly". The standard port for cfsd is 3049, so one would
have to say something like 

  mount -o port=3049 localhost:/null /crypt

to activate /crypt as mirror.

>From the file '' of the cfs distribution:

 If your system does not support NFS mounts on ports other than
 2049, add -DCFS_PORT=2049; you will not be able to simultaneously run
 the target system as an NFS server under this configuration.
 Note that if you are using a  system  that  does  not  allow
 ports  other than 2049 for NFS, you'll have to make sure the
 rc file starts up mountd but not any  nfsd  processes.   The
 default  behavior of the rc files on most NFS systems checks
 for the existence of /etc/exports and starts both mountd and
 nfsd  if  it's there; you'll have to edit out any lines that
 try to start up nfsd on such systems.

I hope you understand my problem a bit better now.

      Benjamin <>