Subject: Re: Crap on this mailing list
To: Neil A. Carson <>
From: Jordan K. Hubbard <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/12/1998 07:22:01
> I thought this liast was about technical discussins relating to the
> NetBSD kernel, or for those that make it out of 'developers' anyway. I
> got up this morning, downloaded by e-mail---normally 50 messages or
> so---but got 200 instead.

I think that the best thing we can do at this stage is to simply end
it and forgo another 4-5 rounds of meaningless comparison between the
two OSes.  Can we just take it as read that there are strong
differences of opinion where this is concerned and that intimating
that some group has dessicated carrots for brains or that one's OS of
choice is clearly and obviously superior to the other is highly
counter-productive at best and produces absolutely no positive results
worth mentioning?

If we can agree on that much then I think it makes further debate on
the topic a rather moot point and I'm *sure* that the NetBSD readers
of this list would be overjoyed to see the thread end.  I can also
state unequivocally that John Dyson's "participation" so far is
clearly our problem and that we're doing our very best at the moment
to shut this whole thread down from our side.  Should the NetBSD
folks, with whom we have been in almost constant communication for the
last 24 hours, manage to do the same then we'll be well out of the
woods on this one and can go back to our regularly scheduled Linux
bashing or whatever people do for fun when they're not poking their
BSD siblings in the eyes.

If there's been any "up side" to this whole mess, it's that it got
most of us talking to one another again to acknowledge some mutual
problems and to agree that the PR downsides of all this would make any
"victory" in the discussion rather Pyrric at best.  Truce!  Time-out!
King's X! :-)

- Jordan