Subject: bus_dma & freebsd
To: Justin T. Gibbs <>
From: Chuck Cranor <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/11/1998 21:17:26
Justin Gibbs:
>I must say that it still amazes me how much this group lets its emotions
>get in the way of progress.  Is it so inconceivable that a piece of code
>originating in NetBSD could be improved upon?  It only hurts NetBSD to
>ignore the many things FreeBSD has accomplished.

s/this group/certain members of this group/g

you can't really make a general statement like this about all 
NetBSD developers.   there is certainly a small (but vocal) 
subset of emotional developers, but there are a lot of BSD 
developers (often much less vocal) who are easy and fun to 
work with.

unfortunately, the vocal emotional types often tend to overrun
places like the tech-kern mailing list making it an unfriendly 
place to speak up or ask a technical question (because of the 
high flame potential).   look at the number of flames this thread
has produced!  disgusting!!  i certainly think twice before i post 
here because i don't like getting flamed.

BTW, i often cross-reference with the freebsd VM in my work.
it is especially great now that FreeBSD has opened an anonymous
CVS server up (FreeBSD's switch from sup to CVSup made my life

at any rate, i suggest you talk this issue out face-to-face at 
USENIX since i think a number of people are too busy preparing
for USENIX to give much time to this.