Subject: Re: FreeBSD Bus DMA
To: None <>
From: John S. Dyson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/11/1998 18:18:00
Perry E. Metzger said:
> I don't have trouble with people operating under the spirit of the
> license, but I must say that the FreeBSD/Alpha work (which seems to
> be, at this point, "Repaint the NetBSD kernel and call it FreeBSD"),
> although technically permissable, has been a violation of the spirit
> of the work. It feels very much like due credit for who actually did
> the work isn't being given, regardless of the letter of the license.
FreeBSD/Alpha will not be the same as it is for long.  It is a
bootstrap process, and the more trouble that we have with NetBSD
originated code, the more likely we will re-implement NetBSD
portions of it.

NOTHING will get in the way of the FreeBSD port to the Alpha, and
just as the FreeBSD kernel works differently than NetBSD when running
on the X86 (ask anyone who has tried both, and really tried to use
them),  the FreeBSD kernel with whatever Alpha infrastructure will 
work differently than NetBSD.

There is a significant performance difference between the two
OSes, and to discount FreeBSD/Alpha as being a NetBSD kernel is
not accurate.

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