Subject: Re: shell scripts in an emulation environment
To: None <tech-kern@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Robert.V.Baron <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/29/1998 08:20:00
1. I have to agree -- though less vehemently -- with Frank.  If we want
   to advertise NetBSD, we should do so.  We should make it popular and
   do whatever it takes.  I am really pissed that a video driver I need
   from Xi (for the Neomagic 2160) is available for Linux, BSDI and
   FreeBSD, but not NetBSD.  I don't particularly enjoy trying to see
   which of these other drivers work for us.  (This Neomagic topic has
   been discussed before.)

2. Todd's probably right.  In returning a uname of Linux, I skirt the
   issue of release.  And I'd guess that the libraries that you are
   using in /emul/linux might be specific to a particular release.  So
   I'd opt for a sysctl that lets you down load ALL the uname info for
   emulated os's.

3. Finally, (and this is/will be an ongoing refrain) the stock 1.2/1.3
   NetBSD Linux emulation is not good enough to run Caldera Wabi.  I've
   posted the patches and am waiting.