Subject: Re: A File System Question
To: None <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/23/1998 09:35:41 wrote:
> I have a beginner's question on the file system implementation on NetBSD.
> I am trying to trace down what happens, which code is executed, from
> the moment a user program issues a fopen() call until the function returns.
> I mean what parts of the Kernel get executed? How are they invoked?
> More importantly, what are the source files that are envolved, just
> in case I want to modify some of them.

It's probably somewhere under sys/kern/  (yeah, not too helpful, but
without a copy of the kernel source in front of me, I can't dig any
> I wish there is any document describing the internal coding of
> NetBSD or FreeBSD for people who want to enter the world of kernel
> development.

I'd recommend finding a copy of "The Design and Implementation of the
4.4BSD Operating System" by McKusik, et. al.  (i.e. the other "Red Book").
It does a fairly good job of giving you an overview of how the kernel
works.  Beyond that, it's pretty much UTSL ("Use the Source, Luke...")

I hope this helps.


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