Subject: Re: Forget it (dev_t)--do it yourself.
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/16/1998 17:50:07
Ted Lemon writes:
> I'm not trying to excuse Charles' behaviour.  In fact, if you had read
> my whole message you'd have seen that I criticised it.

I frequently find Charles' behavior to be beyond what is normally
acceptable in a civilized discussion. HOWEVER, Charles has also
demonstrated himself to be sufficiently technically wizardly that
generally one ignores him at one's peril.

> On the other hand, it is certainly the case that Charles has
> contributed much more to the project than has Todd, and has a much
> better general sense of what "the right thing to do" is.

Indeed. There is also an issue here of respect. I think that Todd
should understand that in a meritocracy like that here, one earns
respect points by being known to have non-bogus ideas over a very long
period of time. Chris, Charles and others have gained respect over
time. Todd can't expect to be able to operate as though he has as much
"respect capital" as they do -- I can't either, for that matter.

> Should he not flame?  Yes.  Can we make him stop flaming?  I don't
> think so.

I think that in general the project would be improved by increased
civility, but there are times when one just has to grin and bear
certain things.