Subject: Re: Forget it (dev_t)--do it yourself.
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: David Edelsohn <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/16/1998 16:54:22
	Charles's behavior was not appropriate at the end, but he did not
start out with extensive flames.  The problem, as I saw it, was Todd
"trying" to address Charles's technical questions but frequently only
responding to the points that he understood or thought he easily and
rapidly could counter and answer.  For whatever reason, Todd did not
respond to all of the issues Charles raised.

	I think that Todd was rushing to respond and contribute to the
discusion and to implement his proposal instead of taking the time to
digest all of the material that was coming out of the discussion.  If Todd
had waited before responding or replied that it would take him a few days
to understand all of Charles's points or asked for clarification about
points he did not understand instead of not addressing them and making
statements that had already been refuted, the discussion would have been
much more productive.

	The discussion was in fact multiple, high-bandwidth soliloquies
with most contributors talking past one another.  Many important points
were brought out on all sides, but no one was taking to time to digest
them all before hitting reply.  Charles, as an experienced and long-time
NetBSD hacker, should have made more of an effort to bring Todd up to
speed and help him understand his concerns.  If Todd could not digest them
at the rate Charles was producing them, Charles should have throttled
himself instead of simply getting frustrated and abusive.  Taking one
point at a time in separate messages sent on consecutive days is one
suggestion I offer.

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