Subject: McKusick BSD internals course on videotape
To: None <, tech-kern@NetBSD.ORG,>
From: Alex Nash <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/11/1998 14:37:11
  [ Apologies in advance for the commercial nature and wide crosspost of
    this message.  This email is an attempt to gain a valuable resource
    to the BSD/UNIX community.

    Please do not follow up to the list. ]

Many of you may be familiar with Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick, one of
the driving forces behind BSD UNIX while at CSRG.  While CSRG is no
longer, Dr. McKusick continues his work within the UNIX community
through college courses, authoring books, and contributed source code.

Starting January 22nd, he will begin a 15 week course covering a
source code walkthrough of FreeBSD held at the University of
California Berkeley Extension.  You can find details about the course
at this URL:

In an attempt to convince Dr. McKusick to offer video taped versions
of the class to the many people that cannot attend, I took a survey on
freebsd-hackers to see how many people would be interested.  The
result of which is he has agreed to produce a set of videotapes if we
can get enough takers to offset the cost of production.

The details:

  o Each class is three hours long.  There are 15 classes.

  o Tapes will be mailed out each week (the actual time lag
    between the class and the mailing is unknown at this point).

  o The tapes may not be broadcast, duplicated and passed out or

  o The total price would be $1500 for individual personal use, or
    $2500 for companies that will share the tape amongst more than
    one employee.  Payment can be made in a lump sum via check or
    credit card, or on a weekly basis by credit card.

  o The tapes will be available in NTSC format, PAL format should
    be available for an extra charge.

Dr. McKusick has suggested that we approach this on a class by class
basis.  That is, if enough people feel that the class does not fulfill
their needs after the first tape, then we can cancel the project.  As
long as there are enough subscribers to justify the production costs,
the taping continues.

If you're interested in signing up for this, or you have questions,
please contact me at  DO NOT send any credit card or
other payment information, this will be handled by Dr. McKusick when
the time comes.  Please do send a note including your name, shipping
address, which pricing scheme (personal/corporate) you will be
using, and video format (NTSC or PAL).

Unfortunately we don't have a lot of time to reach critical mass on
this project -- in fact we only have about 5 days!