Subject: Re: pnp question
To: None <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/11/1997 21:02:50
> Can you give me a URL if Opti has documents on the WWW?  I tried to
> access but wasn't able to convince it to give me
> much; it looked like they were trying to play games with frames that
> weren't working. has a fair bit of stuff.
I think the 933 and 935 are still "proprietary", so you can't get them
w/o an OEM password.

> >Since it's a PnP card, part of me wants to just leave it at
> >isapnp_config. But AFAICT that will map in the SB regions, not
> >the WSS regions.
> isapnp maps in all of the regions it finds.

The problem is that the regions it maps are not correct for a WSS
card. It maps 220/16, 534/4, 380/12, and e0c/4. 220/16 is the
standard SB area, and a WSS is 530/8, not 534/4 (the WSS config
is at 530/4, and the codec is at 534/4).

> >Can I manually set the chip to WSS mode and then re-scan
> >it's desired regions, and isapnp_config those regions?
> I'm not sure I understand what you wish to do.  Are you telling me
> that PnP resources the part returns depend on whether it's in SB or
> WSS mode?  That me.

That's all I can figure out, or that the PnP mappings won't correctly
support a WSS card. There is some cryptic stuff in the user manual
(which I had to get from the web :-) about it "switching to windows
mode when Windows is launched," but I'm not sure what they mean.

Also, there's a cryptic mention of OPL5 support needing
388-38f, which isn't in the above mappings either. :-)

> >Or should I just blow off isapnp_config and do the mappings manually?
> I wouldn't recommend that.

I'd really apreciate suggestions, then, on what to do when the default
mappings don't support the functionality I want to support. :-)

Also, does anyone have pointers on where to find info on programming
the OPL chips (the FM synthesizers)? On the web'd be spiffy.

Take care,