Subject: Re: creating new ioctls
To: Colin Wood <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 08/04/1997 10:23:05
> I need to add a couple of new ioctl calls to the ite interface on the
> mac68k port, and I was wondering how I do this?  I can see what code I
> need to add to ite.c, but what I was really wondering was how do I set it
> up in iteioctl.h?  In other words, the ioctl's I see are declared like 
> this:
> #define ITEIOC_GETBELL            _IOR('I', 128, struct bellparams)
> #define ITEIOC_SETBELL            _IOW('I', 129, struct bellparams)
> #define ITEIOC_RINGBELL            _IO('I', 130)
> I know basically how this works, too, but how do I pick the number for a
> new one?  Can I just use 131?  Are there any other files that need to be
> modified to in order to make this work?
> Any help would be appreciated.

I've asked similar questions in the past. I think the answer is to just
pick them. Maybe look at other ports and see if you find what you want,
but just do it. :-)

Take care,