Subject: Re: NTP Resolution
To: Erik E. Fair <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/31/1997 18:02:09
> An interesting result for that IPX - is there anyone else out there running
> NetBSD 1.2 or -current with NTP on sparcs that can give us a few more data
> points? The command being executed is
> 	xntpdc -c loopi

>From a LX: (1.2D from March 17)
offset:               -0.000484 s
frequency:            133.210 ppm
poll adjust:          -30
watchdog timer:       18 s

>From a SS10: (1.2G from July 28)
offset:               -0.000483 s
frequency:            29.421 ppm
poll adjust:          18
watchdog timer:       440 s

These were all recently installed, and talk to a Stratum 2 server.
It is a P133: (1.1 release)
offset:               -0.000899 s
frequency:            -6.014 ppm
poll adjust:          24
watchdog timer:       170 s

The Sparcs have only had xntpd running for 3 days or so. (obviously from
about July 28 on the SS10)  I'm not sure how that affects accuracy.
Also, I plan to update the LX to -current ASAP, so I'll report if that 
causes a significant change in ppm.

> Insofar as I know, the principle difference between the sun4c and sun4m is
> the MMU (pmap) code...

Are you building your kernel with just the sun4c or sun4m code?

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