Subject: Re: Lion's Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition
To: Erik E. Fair <>
From: Jim Reid <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/17/1997 12:31:29
>>>>> "Erik" == Erik E Fair <(Timekeeper) <>> writes:

    Erik> However, there is a nasty license (from SCO, natch) saying
    Erik> that the source code therein is to be used only for
    Erik> educational purposes.  They own what's left of the original
    Erik> AT&T UNIX intellectual property, and will probably be
    Erik> ferocious about it, especially since their market is slowly
    Erik> going down the tubes...

I think this is a little unkind. For starters, it was the CEO of SCO
who got the company's lawyers to allow the book to be published. If
the V6 source was a valuable asset for the company, this would not
have happened. I would guess that the legalese is just a form of words
to keep the lawyers happy by demonstrating that the company's officers
are properly exercising their legal responsibilities of due diligence.

The code in the book doesn't even compile - see Dennis Ritchie's
foreward - so the idea that someone would rip off the code for
commercial purposes is laughable. [Unless there's a huge untapped
software market for PDP11s with 64K RAM that I don't know about.]
It's even more ridiculous to think that someone could get sued for
using the code - many of the ideas expressed there are also in the
free UNIXen (prove my inode came from V6 and not NetBSD say). Of
course in the litigation-happy USA, anything's possible I suppose.