Subject: Re: Dynamic SCSI ids (was: A possible way of handling...)
To: None <,>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/28/1997 19:20:50
>Naming devices after some physical attribute is, IMO, better than just
>having them assigned to some `random' number.

as in



Having been heavily involved in design efforts that have gone to both
extremes, I'm more inclined to the current NetBSD approach, although
you can get quite startled if you change your configuration and forget
to resequence things in /etc/fstab.

Also, the current approach won't scale to large systems very well,
but presumably if we do large systems we'll come up with some better
user space administrative tools (e.g. a disk VPD based 'auto' disk
mounter that doesn't depend on 'unit' number) rather than switching
over to complete physical attribute based names (which then have
to have 'logical' names since no human can parse the physical names....)