Subject: Re: Name for ext2fs filesystem ?
To: Manuel BOUYER <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/19/1997 13:25:04
Manuel BOUYER writes:
> hello,
> I'm thinking about rewriting the ext2fs support for NetBSD (as ext2fs is
> basically ffs without fragments, this should'nt be too complicated :)
> because the existing support 1) is GPLed and 2) is buggy, and too ugly 
> to be debugged (it is wrappers aroud the linux functions).
> One problem is the name of this filesystem: should it be ext2, for
> compatibility with linux, or ext2fs, for coherency with *BSD ?
> I vote for ext2fs, with perhaps a link mount_ext2->mount_ext2fs, so
> that linux users who don't know how to read a man page will not be
> lost.

I think the name is almost the last thing to worry about :)

BTW, it would be neat if we had the option of writing out metadata
properly for our ext2fs, so that we could offer a more reliable ext2fs
file system than Linux offers :)