Subject: Re: Real time scheduling
To: Jeremy Cooper <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/01/1997 18:25:04
> On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, HARAWAT.IN.ORACLE.COM wrote:
> > 	Has anyone tried to implement Real time scheduling ( of SVr4 ) into 
> > NetBsd. 
> In order for this to be possible, the kernel would have to be
> pre-emptable, [ ... ]


There are several notions of "real time" here.  One is hard real-time
deadline-driven scheduling.  Is that what's actually in SVR4?  (I
somehow doubt it!)

The other is "soft" real-time, as described by the "real-time"
scheduling extensions is POSIX.1b(?).  This could be implemented
relatively easily in NetBSD, and indeed i've made a start at setting
things up so that I could be implemented, but haven't had time to get
all of the changes integrated yet.