Subject: Re: remote kernel debugging - need some clarification
To: None <,>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/04/1997 13:19:36
> > 2. ipkdb is again different - where does this protocol
> >   come from?
> Wolfgang Solfrank invented it, because (for whatever reason) he didn't
> like the gdb-over-ether protocol.

What gdb-over-ether protocol?  There are at least 3 different ones in the 4.16
GDB I currently have.

OTOH, when I started work on gdb-over-ether, there was no generally available
implementation.  I initially modelled the protocol after the protocol used
for NeXT machines (which again was modelled after the serial protocol in
remote.c).  However, the protocol has changed quite a bit since then.

Additionally, on Perry's suggestion I recently changed the protocol again to
use HMAC authentication.  I'll check the relevant changes in soon.

> > 3. Why do these ports attach the debugger only at
> >   autoconfiguration time? Many interesting things can
> >   happen before... Or am I missing something?
> the sparc and hp300 attach kgdb earlier than that, i thought.
> traditionally, it's happened 'at the earliest possible opportunity.'
> I'm not sure what ipkdb does, but if it attaches only when its device
> is attached that's broken.

IPKDB starts 'at the earliest possible opportunity', too.

> In the long term, i'd say that unless there's a very strong technical
> reason to _not_ go with the standard GDB protocols for serial and
> ethernet debugging, we should go with them.  Last i heard, there were
> non-GPL'd stubs for them...

Again, I'd like to know about a standard GDB protocol for ethernet debugging.
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