Subject: Re: cd writer
To: None <tech-kern@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Markus Baeurle <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/02/1997 18:31:51

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          Thomas Graichen <> wrote:

> any chance to see support for worm devices (esp. cd writer) in OpenBSD
> or NetBSD in the near future - i remebert having heard something about
> somone working on that or porting the FreeBSD stuff over - any status
> yet ?

Oops, was I really foolish enough to mention what I'm planning to do? ;-)
OK so I'm also interested in writing CDs under NetBSD.
As there was nobody working on it I decided to TRY and have a look at what has
to be done to port the FreeBSD worm driver (this seems to me to be the easiest
way to achieve this goal).
But there are major drawbacks:
-I'm no kernel hacker so I have to learn the necessary stuff first before I can
 actually make any progress. Unfortunatedly the FreeBSD and NetBSD SCSI
 subsystem have some differences so changing everything to the way NetBSD needs
 it is not easy.
-I can only borrow a Yamaha CDR102 which is not supported by the FreeBSD worm
 driver. So I tried to hack that first to support the Yamaha by using info from
 the source of Linux's cdwrite but I didn't succeed.
 Yamaha indicated that they only want to give away information under NDA. I
 didn't investigate this further due to lack of time although it is not
 impossible that they might also provide the info without NDA.
-I will be in the USA from March to August where I probably won't have access
 to a CDwriter. I don't even know yet if I will manage to become internetted

So don't expect anything from me. I will naturally try to be as helpful as I
can if anybody needs help or information.
I'd be very glad if others, preferably with kernel programming experience,
would like to help me/us.
I have more time again now that exams are over and I'll try to make some
progress though.

So long, Markus