Subject: Re: "esp" driver reorg proposal
To: Guenther Grau <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/27/1997 15:17:19
On Sun, 26 Jan 1997 15:20:40 +0100 
 Guenther Grau <> wrote:

 > Just one question, though. Why does the alpha have a seperate
 > directory for each bus, whereas sparc and sun3x don't? Wouldn't
 > it be more logical to have seperate directories for busses on
 > all architectures? I just had a look at i386 and they have
 > these directories as well. Or is there just one bus in sparc
 > architectures and thus it didn't get a proper name? I ask
 > this, because I know that SUN is working on PCI-based workstations,
 > which would introduce another bus to the sparc architecture
 > (besides S-bus (and M-bus?)).
 > The same holds true for other architectures like the amiga, which
 > has a single dev directory.

For the most part, I agree that there should be:


...etc.  However, on something like the SPARC, where the device namespace
is "global" (i.e. configuration information is provided by a tree built
by the PROM), it makes a lot of sense to keep all of those things in
one directory.

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