Subject: consoles
To: None <>
From: David Seifert <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/21/1997 10:41:53
In message <18494.853869936@ux2.SP.CS.CMU.EDU> you write:
> > Some machines have more than one console.  (Pyramid, and, uh, oh yeah,
> > Sequent spring to mind)  Typically the 2nd console is connected to
> > a modem and when there is a problem you enable the "remote" console,
> > Service dials in and assists.  Both ports accept keyboard input and
> > output goes to both screens.  Great fun if you have different terminal
> > types and use a screen editor!
> So, that's a very special case, and one i've never seen on any
> workstation...

So NetBSD is only for workstations?

(No, I don't expect to see NetBSD running on big SMP machines
anytime soon for a variety of reasons, but in theory there's no
reason it couldn't if someone has the time and the knowledge of
the hw & fw.)

> > The Alpha Multia/UDB has at least two somewhat independant consoles
> > when at the firmware level.  (TGA and the 1st rs-232 port.  I haven't
> > tried the 2nd rs-232 port as console yet)
> And only one can be active at a time, both at the firmware level, and
> in NetBSD.  (the second rs-232 port cannot be used as console, FYI.)
> NetBSD/alpha automatically picks the same console device that the
> firmware was using as its own console device.

I can type "man foo" on the TGA, then type "man bar" on the rs-232 console,
and look at two different fw man pages.  The fw seems to accept any command
from either console.  NetBSD seems to always pick the TGA as console.
There may be some fw settings that affect this.  I eventually want to find
some docs on the fw.