Subject: Re: Fixed: Trouble booting NetBSD on NEC VERSA 6030 laptop...
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/24/1996 01:36:16
> A concrete example is Ted's problem. suppose that the PCMCIA probe has
> done its thing, and it finds a PCMCIA elink3 card.  Does the elink3
> driver need to tell a 3c589 which ioports, IRQ, drq, and ioports it
> should be using, or is that all taken care of at the PCMCIA (aka "card
> services") level, without any intervention by, or calls thorough, the
> elink3 driver?

Seems to me that the elink3 driver should be telling the pcmcia driver
something along the lines of ``give me 16 I/O addresses in a row, and
an IRQ line'', rather than specifying the actual address, since the
PCMCIA controller can put the I/O addresses anywhere.   Then the
pcmcia driver needs to be able to figure out what parts of the I/O
address space are available, but that seems to me to be the right
place to put the functionality, anyway.