Subject: Re: DHCP server code
From: James Spath <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/25/1996 08:04:49
On Nov 25,  2:46pm, "HARAWAT.IN.ORACLE.COM" wrote:
} 	Does any one know where I can get the code for the DHCP server. Thanks 
} in advance for the help. 
} Harish 
} -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Look in:

  .\" This software has been written for the Internet Software Consortium
  .\" by Ted Lemon <> in cooperation with Vixie
  .\" Enterprises.  To learn more about the Internet Software Consortium,
  .\" see ``''.  To learn more about Vixie
  .\" Enterprises, see ``''.
  .TH dhcpd 8
  dhcpd - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server

I've gotten it working as a bootp replacement, but it's not very
stable for me as a W95 dhcp lease arranger...
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