Subject: Re: When is ELF coming?
To: Thor Lancelot Simon <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/23/1996 14:20:58
> Can someone actually enumerate some good reasons for using ELF rather than
> ECOFF, our own extended a.out, or, say, OSF/ROSE?  Each has some drawbacks,
> but none seemingly so severe as ELF's lack of an OS-type header field.

In the case of the alpha:

	(1) People are actually actively improving the ELF support,

	(2) ELF has fewer limitations (w.r.t. the GOT, etc.) than
	    ECOFF does.

I'm not going to do any more toolchain hacking than i have to.

That means that if somebody wants to me switch to a custom format for
the alpha, _they_ are going to have to do all of the toolchain work.
I don't consider that unreasonable, because i just don't have time to
_waste_ time on something somebody else is already doing better, when
there are important things i _can_ be doing.