Subject: Re: ISA PNP stuff
To: None <>
From: Keith Moore <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/13/1996 16:19:15
> Also, it would be nice to arrange to probe the PnP "bus" last, since
> all static allocations of ports and irq's would have happened by then,
> and the interrupts would be all ready to be claimed.

I'd want to probe all isa bus devices as usual, but while probing,
have the driver optionally set a flag (and defer assignment of ports,
irqs, etc.) if the device is PnP compliant and the ports, irqs, etc.
for that device are wildcarded in the config file.  The driver might
also need to fill in a structure that says which ports, irqs, etc. can
be used by the device.

Then after all buses are probed, do a second pass for all PnP devices
and configure them to use ports, irqs, etc. that were not already used
by less flexible devices.