Subject: Re: ISA PNP stuff
To: Michael Graff <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/13/1996 23:21:05
Michael Graff said:
> I would rather have a method to allow probing busses in specific order.
> There are other reasons to do this as well, and I have seen discussion
> on the same.  In fact, there are very good reasons to control the probe
> ordering on things like the ISA bus in general, since some driver probes
> munch on other device's toes.
> I believe FreeBSD has a priority-based scheme.  I propose we adopt
> something like it.

I suggest you investigate the existing system before you suggest
adding extensions to it.  Careless and unnecessary extensions to the
autoconfiguration system in NetBSD have left us with at least one
serious problem that has to be removed eventually, and is rather hard
to fix completely given the amount of code that has been written to
use it.

Given the constraints you've specified above, config can already do
what you want.  Don't "improve" it if you don't understand it.

(And, before you ask, no, i won't tell you how config works.  I've
spend many hours doing that for others, and if you thought that it
made sense to change it before understanding it, then i think it's a
good idea for you to read it before i'll help you with it.  8-)