Subject: Re: VPS mailing list, BSD interest?
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Justin T. Gibbs <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/01/1996 13:12:51
>Just where do you propose to keep this information?
>(Hint: it's going to be machine-dependent.)

VxFS runs on many different different platforms and uses this approach, but
I would expect a per OS not per machine type solution.  I haven't given it
a tremendous amount of thought, but I assumed that it would be part of the
BSD disklabel.

>When you say "open the partition", which partition are you opening?
>(Hint: if you're opening /dev/sd0a, then you have to put all kinds of
>crap to find the "ccd block" in the SCSI disk driver, and the IDE disk
>driver, and the Xylogics disk drivers, and...)

Don't these drivers already have to know how to find the BSD disklabel?

>How does the way the ccd is configured not allow you to move your
>disks around (to different controllers, etc.)?
>(Hint: it doesn't.)

Last time I looked at CCD, it did.  What I mean by moving my disks around
is handling situations like, "Gee, I'm not getting enough bandwidth using
only one controller here.  I think I'll buy a second one and split up my
disks."  After turning off the machine, sticking in the new controller and
messing with some cables, I should be able to simply power on the system
and have everything work transparently.

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