Subject: Re: p_nice
To: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
From: Scott Reynolds <scottr@Plexus.COM>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/30/1996 15:10:11
On 30 Sep 1996, Charles M. Hannum wrote:

> > 	p_nice left as a char, and have the NZERO code be fixed to allow
> > 		and use a value other than 0 for NZERO (just like PZERO).
> This would be fine, too.

In the interest of portability (i.e. cross-compiled kernels), it seems to
me that this would be the most reasonable solution.  There are "modern"
compilers that don't know how to deal with signed char declarations,
but let's not go any further down that line of thought... I don't feel
especially strongly about this. :-)